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Autosupport E-Mail Recipient


I'm using the NetApp System Manager and trying to setup a notification path that bypasses my email system and emails a text message to my phone.

I'm going to relay SMTP through my email gateway appliance (tested and working fine).

I'm trying to setup an e-mail recipient in the AutoSupport Settings area that sends notifications to my phone's SMS email address (AT&T) but I continue to get an error that requests a "valid email address". If I insert a letter into the phone number - it considers that valid.

It refuses to take anything with just numbers.

Any recommendations?


Re: Autosupport E-Mail Recipient


My understanding from the description is that NetApp System Manager is being used and that it is presenting an error of some sort saying that the desired email address is invalid.

If so, my suggestion is to connect directly to the Data ONTAP node and use the "options autosupport.noteto" and other commands to get around this issue.

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Re: Autosupport E-Mail Recipient


Jason, if you don't mind taking the time to do this, please open a technical case for the System Manager problem and ask the support engineer to open a bug report.



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