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multiple transport methods


Is there i way i can get ASUP to be sent out to ntap via https yet internally to me (and my team) via email ?

Dont have relay access to the outside, and dont want to open ssl ports to the inside.


Re: multiple transport methods


AutoSupport's sent to NetApp have several transport options, SMTP (EMail), HTTP or HTTPS (Web posting), HTTP or HTTPS via web proxy. This tranmission is controlled by options, options, options  options

Additional copies of the AutoSupport and/or an abbreviated "pager style" notification are sent using SMTP (Email) and are controlled by options such as options and autosupport.noteto, etc.

From the description, it would seem adding the desired local email addresses to options and/or options autosupport.noteto would satisfy what is needed. The options autosupport.mailhost would be used for delivering the desired Email message.

One can find more information in the "Data ONTAP 7.2 System Administration Guide" and later guides in the section about "AutoSupport options" and in the manual page for the "options" command.

Re: multiple transport methods


so you are saying that if i set my transport to https (with proxy) the will still go out via smtp ?

Re: multiple transport methods


Yup. The options is, which implies it only affects the way you send the AutoSupport messages to NetApp only. and always use SMTP, so the mailhost config is essential to make that work. (setting the .from field is a good idea, too).


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