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Configuring AutoSupport for notifications


One of my customers is asking the following question:

"I am looking for a list of NetApp events, as in the ones that could potentially appear in the NetApp syslogs, so that I can configure AutoSupport to notify me on some of them. Would you be able to provide a link to a doc somewhere that has this please? I have searched the now site etc but haven’t found anything – I did find a kind of event list but they weren’t in the format I need.

The events will need to be in the format >  wafl.vol.full, scsitarget.lun.noSpace, lun.offline, etc. as they appear in the syslog."




Re: Configuring AutoSupport for notifications

You can selectively enable AutoSupport forwarding for each type of message in MyASUP; this can be done per-filer or for the whole site. Go to MyASUP for a filer and select Customize Notifications (bottom of page).

Re: Configuring AutoSupport for notifications


There are 5,000 or more possible events that can show up in Syslog.

Of them there are something like 165 or so that AutoSupport is tied into. The list of AutoSupport events or triggers can be found under:

For these events, AutoSupport and short "noteto" email messages can be configured in Data ONTAP using the "options autosupport.*" interface in 7G or 7-mode or the "system autosupport modify" interface in Cluster-mode.

Another option as mentioned is to modify notifications by using the NetApp "My AutoSupport" service.

Event Messages (EMS) such as "wafl.vol.full" and "scsitarget.lun.noSpace" can be in the 4,000+ events that are not tied into AutoSupport. For these events, one can use the "event" commands in Cluster-mode such as "event config modify" to cause email and other notifications to happen.

Re: Configuring AutoSupport for notifications

Is “event config” DFM command? It does not seem to be available in Data ONTAP.

Re: Configuring AutoSupport for notifications


The "event config" command and other commands are available in Cluster-mode 8.0 and later releases. Off hand, I don't know if it is available in 8.0 7-mode.

The underlying feature that provides this is not available in Data ONTAP 7G (releases before 8.0).

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