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What Admin alerts actually can be send from an S500?


We are going thru an audit and would like to know specifically what admin alerts are sent from the S500?  The console shows very basic info such as alerts for capacity but is there documentation showing more (such as, nic failure, drive failure, smart warning on drive, board failure, power supply etc.)?

Also, for encryption - is that not an option in NAS mode?  What about when you have a remote site as a backup - is the data encrypted as it writes?  If so - what type of encryption?

Hoping someone can help.  Thanks.




Ron -

I haven't used a StoreVault system, but am familiar with the product.

It's running Data ONTAP, but a simplified version of it. You don't get CLI or FilerView access.

Autosupport can be configured from StoreVault Manager to send email alerts to an admin.

These emails would notify of the failures you're looking for - NIC, drives, etc.

There is support for Kerberos encryption in an NFS environ. I don't see IPsec or other encryption mentioned.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff
Senior Systems Architect / NetApp Certified Instructor

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Thanks there anywhere you know that is documented what alerts will be sent?  This is for audit purposes - and will need some details.  I assumed the basics were covered, but hoping I can see exactly what was.

Thanks for your help thus far.