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Netapp fas250 Problem


Hello All:

     my fas250 one day give out the alarm, the status light show yellow and shelf LED show 1,one disk(disk 0) light show yellow.

     then I restart the machine, then have no alarm,  but status light and disk light still is yellow.

     I also use the command "disk scrub start" try to check and fix the error, system log return there have no checksum error and media error.

     who can help me, tell the reason,why the light is yellow(not the normal, green) , how to fix the problem, maybe that's hardware error? hard disk is borken? need to replace?



Yes, you have a disk that is borken.

You can check your syslog messages for info.

Autosupport may be configured to notify you of these types of events...

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I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff
NetApp Instructor and Independent Consultant

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Thank you for you help, now what can i do? Can i direct pull out the disk ? or use "disk" command first ,then pull out ?

I am not sure that if have disk to replace, if have no disk to replace, only pull out the broken disk can fas250 work normal?