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BMC only for Support - FAS2020


hi guys

I am working on this FAS2020 using a console cable attached to my computer. Cool I run commands and everything.

Now I read that BMC interface will let me configure autosupport and send email in case my FAS2020 fails....but I was thinking I had the option to manage my FAS2020 like I did with the console cable running commands and so on...but I dont see this, I am accessing my BMC with ssh and no commands available like using console cable.

so my question is BMC capable of running commands like direct attached console cable or is it just for autosupport and low level commands

bmc shell -> help

exit                                  Exit shell (or press ^D)

bmc config                            Display BMC configuration

bmc config autoneg [enabled|disabled] Enable/Disable ethernet port auto negotiation

bmc config dhcp [on|off]              Set BMC dhcp

bmc config duplex [full|half]         Set ethernet port duplex mode

bmc config gateway [gateway]          Set BMC IP Gateway

bmc config ipaddr [ip-address]        Set BMC IP Address

bmc config netmask [netmask]          Set BMC IP Netmask

bmc config speed [10|100]             Set ethernet port speed at 10M or 100M

bmc show                              Show BMC version and system information

echo [string]                         Print [string] to the console

events all                            Print all system events

events info                           Print SEL(system event log) information

events latest [N]                     Print N latest system events

events oldest [N]                     Print N oldest system events

events search [attr=N]                Search for events by attribute/value pair

events show [N]                       Print event N

fru show                              Show chassis FRU data

priv                                  Show current privilege level

priv set                              Return to admin privilege

priv set admin                        Enter admin privilege

priv set advanced                     Enter advanced privilege

sensors search [attr=N]               Display a sensor by attribute

sensors show                          Display current state of sensors

system console                        Return to the system console

system core                           Dump system core

system log                            Show the system console history

system power cycle                    Power cycle controller

system power off                      Power off controller

system power on                       Power on controller

system power status                   Display Power Status

system show                           Show system information




after you are in the bmc, type "system console" then you are at the console like a console cable

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after you are in the bmc, type "system console" then you are at the console like a console cable


thanks a lot very stupid of me not reading

thanks a lot