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Putty error accessing BMC - Network Error: Connection timed out


It's been some time since I needed to access the BMC so I don't know when this broke but when I try to use Putty to get access, I receive the following error . . .

Network Error:  Connection timed out

I get this error no matter where I am connected in our network, even when on the same switch where the BMC is located. 

Also, I can console directly into the controller and get access to system console but can't get to BMC from there.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Does this NetApp have a BMC module?  Different controller models have different out-of-band management (OOB) modules.  The OOB module could be called bmc, sp or rlm.  I would recommend typing the following commands into the console:

rlm status
bmc status
sp status

This should help you identify which type of module the NetApp is using.  It should also provide you with the IP address information for the interface as well as a link status.  If autosupport is configured on the NetApp and the RLM/BMC/SP is authorized to send email through the outbound email server, you should be able to replace "status" with "test" to confirm that the interface can access the network.

After that, I recommend confirming basic IP connectivity.

1.  Does the RLM/BMC/SP respond to ping?  If not, is the switch port 10/100Mbps (most OOB interfaces today only support 10/100Mbps).  Are the IP address, netmask, and gateway correct? Etc.?
2.  Are you connecting via SSH (RLM/BMC/SP modules do not support telnet)

Please let me know if this helps.



Hi Bill,

Thanks for responding.

Yes, I do have the BMC module.  The 'bmc status' command gives me just what you would expect.  There is no RLM module and the 'sp status' command returns 'sp not found'.

Yes, I can ping the BMC with no problem.  I have two controllers and can ping the BMC on both.  And yes, I am using SSH.

One thing I didn't think about was port speed so we will run some tests to see if that has any effect.  I'll post here when I have those results.




Reboot the BMC, that has helped for me in the past.




I've been considering that as well.  Is it safe to reboot the BMC without affecting the filer?




Rebooting the BMC should have no impact on the NetApp.  I have done it many times in production without issue.


Cool.  That confirms what I'm hearing from NetApp support.