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I have been working through Ops Manager trying to create a report that accurately shows my Aggr growth for a rolling quarter.  It appears that the view I am looking for would be similar to the graphs that show 3 month growth for aggrs.  They have a nice trend line.  If I run reports right now it seems that the data they gather is for some smaller amount of time.  The trending seems to be more driven by recent events that do not hold true over the longer period (SnapShot rolling off).

I would like to schedule a report that runs every Monday that looks at the last 12 weeks worth of data.  This way I will see better trending.  I know the data is there, just not sure how to have it come out in a nice scheduled report, any ideas?  I am open to doing this in AutoSupport or in Ops Manager.. or in any of the other ways to get at NetApp metric data.





Thanks Andris... but with all the information I send in to AutoSupports I would think that I should be able to get this as one of the reports out of it.  Instead of scheduling it like I would in Ops Mgr I would be happy to find a way with AutoSupport to log in and create this report.

I have posted in as well with hopes of getting help on the Ops Mgr side.



I missed the My AutoSupport angle... sorry.

There isn't a storage trending report in My AutoSupport, unfortunately.  I'll pass on your request to the Product Manager.


Sounds good... thanks for passing it along.



have you looked at the capacity trending chart in My AutoSupport?

Search by a customer name, and then in the Storage Efficiency tab it is the tab in the middle.

I am attaching a screenshot below for reference. You can click on the portlet and drill down for details. Also, you can save it as PDF.

Let us know if this works.




Hi Sudip,

Thanks for the info, but as I see that graph it is not looking at things at an Aggr level.  I will log in and take a look but all the graphs I saw in My AutoSupport did not do what I was looking at.  Will let you know for certain after taking a look.



Hi Again Sudip,

Unless I am holding it wrong, I cannot figure out how to get aggr specific statistics from the Storage Efficiency section.

Thanks again for trying to help..


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