daily autosupport messages

Since upgrading to 8.1, we are receiving daily autosupport messages with subjects

HA Group Notification from filername (PERFORMANCE DATA) INFO

HA Group Notification from filername (MANAGEMENT_LOG) INFO

How can we stop these, and just receive the Weekly Log emails as before?

Why are these sent as HA Group Notifications? we do not have a HA setup.



Re: daily autosupport messages

In 8.1 autosupport is sent more frequently, to overcome message size limitation which could prevent weekly messages from being delivered. I do not think it is possible to change it.

I do not like “HA group” subject either, but all my systems are HA pairs so it does not bother me much. This change has to do with 7/cluster mode unification, where autosupport for the node is not necessarily sent from the same node (even for 7 mode).