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Customized view within my autosupport


Hi All,

I'am new to this 'my autosupport' and I wondered if I could create a customized view for filers that I administer.

I know you can search on customer, group, site and so on but I 'am looking for a more detailed view:


From group 'TSI PHILIPS NL' I only want to see 3 or 4 specific filers (instead of all).

Is that possible?

And if yes, how do I arrange that?


Re: Customized view within my autosupport


The only way to accomplish this today is to create a custom group  by going to the NetApp Support site (NOW) and putting these 3-4 systems into the same group. However, if these systems are already in a group, it may not work - a system can only be in one group.

We are looking at a custom grouping functionality which will allow doing exactly what you describe in future. At this time we do not have a definitive outlook on when this will be available.



Re: Customized view within my autosupport


Currently, My AutoSupport inherits the group feature of installed base available by navigating to the section below on NetApp Support site.

Home  >>  My Support  >>   Systems  >>   View Installed Systems

Once there, you can search for a system, and click the “Go” button to “Manage Product Location & Details” of a certain system.

In the next screen, click “Update Product Details” and you will get a text field to enter the group name.

You can find more details about the Group feature at

This feature is currently set at individual system level and process can be time consuming if there are several systems that need to be part of a group.

We are investigating possibilities to provide an easier & faster way to create custom group of systems in future in the manner you described within My AutoSupport.



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