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Delete Log Files

Hello All,

Can someone please tell me what the command is to delete all autosuppot/system logs? I am running into issues where I am unable to configure settings on our filer without receiving errors. I read on another post that clearing the logs is the place to start.

Thank you in advance



Re: Delete Log Files

Deleting logs will make troubleshooting much harder or impossible. You should open support case so they investigate this issue. Deleting any log can be used as last resort only.

Can you paste command you use and error message and five link to where you have seen advice to delete logs?

Re: Delete Log Files

If the problems persist, they will continue to log.

Can someone please provide the command to delete log files?


Re: Delete Log Files

This thread lists multiple problems, and none of these problems is fixed by deleting anything. You do not provide any information which makes it impossible to even verify that you have one of problems discussed in this thread.

If you insist on deleting logs, mount root volume on host and delete them from there.

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Re: Delete Log Files

Actually, I was looking up how to mount /etc which I completely forgot about.

I didnt say I had one of the problems mentioned in the thread. I asked a simple question to which I wanted a simple answer. If my assumptions are wrong and I am still unable to figure out the filer problem, I will most certainly post questions.

Some of us like to troubleshoot every aspect of a problem. Thats how we learn!

Thank you kindly for your help!

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