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Disk firmware upgrade not starting

I am looking to upgrade my FAS3140 pair and FAS2040 pair of controllers to 8.0.2 from 7.3.3. Autosupport recommends that i update the disk firmware for the disks X292_HVIPC560F15 to the latest firmware NA02 as a precursor to any Ontap upgrade.

I downloaded the Disk Qualification Package v3 and copied to the /etc directory on one of the controllers (the package was not on the controller).

Then i copied the disk firmware to the /etc/disk_fw directory. The firmware consisted of a single file called X292_HVIPC560F15.NA02.LOD (i noticed that all the other files in this directory have a corresponding FVF file as well).

i checked the options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable was set to on and then waited. Nothing happened so i thought i might run overnight but no joy.

I have checked the disk fw level with

storage show disk -T

but this confirms the firmware is at the same level.

Am i missing something obvious?




Disk firmware upgrade not starting


You may want to delete the older version(s) of the firmware already in there. I have run into a few corner cases where that helped.

Usually I download the whole file and extract it to the /etc/disk_fw directory rather than just onsies twosies.

Disk firmware upgrade not starting

Doug is correct. Multiple firmware files can prevent firmware updates, this is indicated by an error ihn the messages file.

See for more information.

Disk firmware upgrade not starting

i deleted all the files in the disk_fw directory and copied the contents of the

after a minute or so i could see that the disk firmware X411_HVIPC420A15.NA01.LOD was being downloaded to the disks. However about 16 hours on there has been no such firmware update to the X292_HVIPC560F15 disk.

Looking through the message files reveals no error regards the X292_HVIPC560F15 disk. There are numerous messages regards the updating of the firmware for the other type of disk we have.

i have rechecked that this disk is definitely the one we have and that its firmware is out of date.

any ideas?



Disk firmware upgrade not starting

There a few possibilities.

Can you verify that there is a NA02 version for X292_HVIPC560F15 present in the disk_fw directory?

Is the background firmware update process still busy with other disks?

Are these X292 disks part of raid4 raid groups? The background firmware update does not work for raid4.

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Disk firmware upgrade not starting

yes - somewhat red-faced but i did not put the firmware onto the other controller in the pair - hence no firmware upgrade. Once i did that it kicked off nicely but then proceeded to fail a disk. Will need to replace that very soon.

thanks for everyones help!

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