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Gathering Shelf Cabling Information


I have HA-pair of FAS3140 controllers connected to 3 stacks. Four DS14-MK4-FC shelves (stack 1), three DS14-MK2-AT shelves (stack 2) and one DS4246 shelf (stack 3). I'm trying to gather controller to shelves cabling information and I'm stuck with a couple of questions:

1. "storage show shelf " shows only stack 1 and stack 3. "environ shelf" shows all 3 stacks. Why is stack 2 missing from "storage show shelf" output?

2.  In multipathing configurations both controllers have access to a stack from two loops. But it's unclear if controller is connected to the first shelf IN port or the last shelf OUT port. I can extract FC port to IOM (A or B) cabling info from the "storage show shelf" output. But how do I now which module port (IN or OUT) FC port is connected to? Config Advisor isn't helpful here, because it doesn't show even the FC port to IOM mapping.



There is no documented way to track cabling for FC shelves (and it is not clear whether such way even exists). For SAS you can track SFP serial numbers which gives you exact port-to-port connectivity.


That's quite a surprise. Are you saying that the only way to determine how system is cabled is to go on-site and in case cables aren't marked, track them by hand?


Check the visualisation section of MyAutosupport which will show how the system is cabled.


Does it show IN/OUT IOM ports mapping?


IOM is SAS and it is possible to reliably track.

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Re: Gathering Shelf Cabling Information

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Does it show IN/OUT IOM ports mapping?

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Hi Nikita,

You may wish to run 'Configuration Advisor' to double check the shelf cabling info.

Good luck



Henry, thanks for stopping by. Let me draw your attention to one particular part of my initial post:

Config Advisor isn't helpful here, because it doesn't show even the FC port to IOM mapping.

Let me know if I'm missing something obvious here.

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