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Forcing an ASUP to update myautosupport


We have 4 new netapp heads that I have just had registered to my account.  I want to generate an autosupport so that I can get an upgrade advisor report from myautosupport.  I can't seem to find the command or commands to get this going.  Is there a way to manually trigger this or is my only option to wait for the daily reports to run?



Re: Forcing an ASUP to update myautosupport


logon to the CLI of your new heads and run the command:

options autosupport.doit "ENTER TEXT"

This will generate an ASUP.

Also check you system console messages that your ASUP's are sent, or add yourself to the distribution list, so you receive a copy.

Re: Forcing an ASUP to update myautosupport


options autosupport.doit WEEKLY_LOG

I haven't tried it with the newest autosupport website, but this use to update it.


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