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How is my Storage Efficiency? - Dashboard report numbers


I have upgraded to operations manager v4 (from v3.7) and installed the OMED.  ~ Easy, no problems

The report has many numbers on it but I am not sure how well I am doing compared to what is possible?  I have 13 filers and 1,000 disks and my global report states:

Storage Utilisation 53.3% (38.6% raw) and Storage Efficiency 94.1% (67.9% Raw).

The biggest savings 64% come from RAID-DP which I believe to mean I have saved X Tb by not using the extra disks required for RAID 10.

What sort of numbers are you getting?




Ok...color me clueless but what is "OMED"?

And....I've got access to a couple sites with OM 4.0...what's the click by click to get to the report in question?


Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard.


Without knowing which features are being used and size of the install base, comparing numbers means nothing. E.g. if the install base is mainly using syncmirror your efficiency will drop considerably. But using dedupe and flexclone will increase it dramatically.


You went to that talk at NUG too then. Here is my export from the global efficiency CSV. Also, is the RAID-DP saving compared to RAID10 or RAID1. I was informed it was compared to RAID1.

GlobalRaw CapacityFixed Reserved CapacityRAID and Spare CapacitySystem Reserve CapacityUsable CapacityFree CapacityUnused Reserve CapacityUnused Volume CapacityUnused Aggr Snapshot CapacityLUN Free and Overwrite Reserve CapacityUsed CapacityDedupe ReturnsFlexClone ReturnsSnapshot ReturnsRAID-DP ReturnsThin Provisioning ReturnsEffective Used CapacityStorage UtilizationStorage EfficiencyRaw Storage UtilizationRaw Storage Efficiency


is the RAID-DP saving compared to RAID10 or RAID1.

It makes no difference - different vendors / people use different terms for the same thing: a set of drives with the data stripped across (for performance) & then mirrored with an identical set (for resiliency). Capacity overhead is always 100%, hence the suggestion that RAID-DP improves efficiency, whilst still being able to sustain double disk failure.



Export! {duh..}   Then copy past from excel into thread

GlobalRaw   CapacityFixed   Reserved CapacityRAID   and Spare CapacitySystem   Reserve CapacityUsable   CapacityFree   CapacityUnused   Reserve CapacityUnused   Volume CapacityUnused   Aggr Snapshot CapacityLUN   Free and Overwrite Reserve CapacityUsed   CapacityDedupe   ReturnsFlexClone   ReturnsSnapshot   ReturnsRAID-DP   ReturnsThin   Provisioning ReturnsEffective   Used CapacityStorage   UtilizationStorage   EfficiencyRaw   Storage UtilizationRaw   Storage Efficiency

Hi Bren,

Arguably dedupe ain't your favourite pick! 😉




Can the efficiency dashboard report on Compression?


No, because the currently available DFM version itself does not collect compression data. Also the efficiency dash board in my autosupport does not report on compression savings yet.


thats too bad, we are getting some crazy numbers from compression and would like to share within our company...

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