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What is an ASUP?

Please give me a proper understanding of an ASUP and how it works?

Thank you


What is an ASUP?

Hi Aiyappa,

Kindly go through the below wikid link which gives you information on AutoSupport & How AutoSupport works.



What is an ASUP?


In a nut shell, an AutoSupport is a collection of data from Data ONTAP when certain events happen, when a customer triggers it or at the end of the week that is sent back to NetApp and is used to help us proactively support the customer.

There is a good write up on the benefits found in the document:

There is a wonderful customer perspective blog entry that was done years ago called "NetApp AutoSupport Rocks" describing the merits. The archive of this can be found in:

What is an ASUP?

For customers and partners, the NetApp Support site has a great resource page on AutoSupport.


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