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How long autosupport files are kept on the filer?


Hi, all

On DataONTAP 8, are the files under /etc/log/autosupport deleted after appropriate period of time or size?
If yes, can we change its limitation such as the number of days to keep autosupport files?

On the filer I implemented last Janually, currently there are 50 files of *.0 and 50 directories of *.files under autosupport directory.
I would like to know whether I should create shell to cleanup these files or not.
Just for your information, the man pages of na_autosupport(8) describes that "The spool size is currently 40 messages."

Thank you for your help.



A additional info here, you have access to at least a dozen of recent ASUPS from Now site -> My Asutosupport,->RAW Autosupport



Thank you for your reponse.

The autosupport is enabled for collecting system log locally, not to send it to remote.

That's why I would like to know whether autosupport is logrotating or not. Thanks

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