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Installation Problems Active IQ Config Advisor 6.5 on Linux Redhat 8


Hello Community
I've installed Active IQ Config Advisor 6.5 on Linux Redhat 8.

I'm unable to setup with https and Remote Access. In my Point of view the Installation Manual is not quit clear.

When connect the Application with a local firefox I got:



For Configuring Port for Remot Access I found this in the manual:

You can configure Config Advisor on a port of your requirement.
1. Modify PORT value in the CONFIG file located in <user_home_directory>/ ConfigAdvisorAIDE/
and restart the application.
2. Edit the CONFIG file and append the IP address to the port as a prefix to host the Config Advisor server
centrally to be accessed from remote hosts.
Example: PORT = makes it open to all hosts on all IPs. Alternatively, PORT =
<dedicated_IP>:8055 makes it available on the specific IP configured on the host.


Put the Installation takes not the CONFIG file in user home (root) it takes this in the Data Folder that I've configured with the data_dir.txt file.

When I edit this file with the line:

PORT = cherrypy: error: argument -p/--port: invalid int value: ''

has anyone installed AIQ Config Advisor 6.5 on Linux? any help?




SSL uses port 443, you can change your config to match.  Also, what is your max TLS version you are using.  It should be set to 1.3.