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Introducing Host Dashboard in Active IQ


Active IQ so far has been showing the details of NetApp Storage with limited details about Hosts and Switches. Now, it shows all the details of the Hosts and Switches that are connected to NetApp storage.


You need to install NetApp OneCollect to collect and upload host and switch details to NetApp AutoSupport. NetApp OneCollect collects and analyzes data from hosts and network infrastructure which can be used for troubleshooting when working with technical support personnel, configuration validation, migrations, upgrade assessments and documentation.


Using this host discovery dashboard you can view the details of host operating system, model, capacity, storage connectivity and interop check.  Very soon we will be adding the Enterprise, NetApp software details and host configuration checks.


You can use Active IQ Cluster Viewer to view additional details like LUNs, HBAs, VMs, Shares, Applications and more.

You can use Active IQ Interop Advisor to perform interop validations and to view host upgrade recommendations.


OneCollect can be downloaded from the NetApp ToolChest, and is also available on the Amazon Marketplace, and Docker Hub.

Host DashboardHost Dashboard