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Lost console after disk failure and 'disk show' command



After having a disk failure (received autosupport msg.), I've logged in to the filer via telnet, and issued a 'disk show' command.

At this point, ..... no answer from the filer, command seems stuck. Ctrl-D, and telnet again, I can enter name & password, but have no prompt.

I've taken out the failed disk already, no news.

The filer is working (I can acces files, LUN's, etc), but I can't manage it at all, as I have no Telnet, no HTTP, and even no System Manager.

Is there a way of 'cancelling' that command (without stopping the filer)??



P.S. Data Ontap v



Hi, and thanks for your answers.

I'm in 'remote' now, and can't connect to the filer (I used to do so via Telnet, and the serial cable is now attached to the other member of the ha pair). Tomorrow morning I'll be 'on site' and see if I can do something with the BMC.

And I've already thought about takeover/giveback, but I have some DB LUNS hanging on the filer, and doubt if it is safe to do so (without stopping al the system of course). Is it safe to takeover when you cant 'reach' the partner??




If it is HA pair, you could try takeover/giveback.


Can you try to connect to serial console or via the RLM and check what is happening.

Start with message files, utilisation etc.

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