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Retrieve NFS Usage Stats by Volume

Hi all

I am trying to get NFS usage stats by volume but cannot seem to find that information anywhere. I have had a poke around the Dashboard system on the Now site but still can only get that information at a filer level.

I saw on a forum posting that you can get that through the SDK. Does anyone know if this is true or how to do so?

Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Retrieve NFS Usage Stats by Volume

For anyone interested I have managed to resolve this issue by getting the information through the Operations Manager by running the "Volume Performance Summary" report.


Re: Retrieve NFS Usage Stats by Volume

See if this helps anyway; not by volume , but by host wise

`nfsstat -l ` after setting `options nfs.per_client_stats.enable off`

Re: Retrieve NFS Usage Stats by Volume

You could probably script something into mrtg/rrdtool by grabbing 'qtree stats <volname>' ... and if that exists there is probably an snmp OID as well...

I think a quick google search will lead you to some mrtg/rrdtool tools both here in the Community and elsewhere.

If you have Operations Manager, the Performance Advisor can be used to create some views too...

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