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My AutoSupport Customer Access


Hi Masters,

Our customer wants to view all their filers on their NOW account credentials. Currently, they can only view 1 filer out of 12. And on my account, since my company is a reseller, I can view 11 filers out of 12 for their company. The total Netapp systems are 12 for this customer. One can be viewed by this customer and the other eleven can be viewed by us. Now, how can they view all their filers on their account?




When you speak of "viewing", are you referring to the NetApp Support site's page "My Support" -> "Systems",  or are you referring to the My AutoSupport portal?

In either case, the best recommendation for you and your customer is to open a ticket via the support site's "Feedback" page, and be ready to supply the serial numbers of the missing systems.


Both. My Support > Systems > View Installed System and

         My Support > My Autosupport.

Have some questions about the access level

Can the Customer (with customer access level) can have access to My Autosupport - dashboard including config, risks, etc. or only the Reseller (with reseller access level)? If so, does it mean they can only view it under Installed System but not on My AutoSupport?


Both customers and resellers can see their installed systems in My AutoSupport and in "Installed Systems" on the support site. 


Thanks. I open a non-technical case for this.