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My AutoSupport Partner Access


I have 12 FAS in our environment. I gived access to My Autosupport to our Partner, but for some reason he only see 9 of the 12.

Any Idea why ?

Thank you


Re: My AutoSupport Partner Access

It is most likely a product registration issue with the 3 missing systems - the partner info is not matching these systems, probably.

I would click on the "Feedback" link on the support site, pick "data issues", explain the problem, provide all of your details and partner details.

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Re: My AutoSupport Partner Access

This is the way how the problem have been fixed

I ask them to get access to their autosupport web site.i found out that the FAS filer wasn't registered.

easy as 1.2.3.!!!!!!!!


Check out the KB!
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