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MyAsupAutoSupportAlert (shelf power supply warning) alerts won't stop! help!


Hello folks,


I have an HA pair of V3220 that are constantly firing off "HA Group Notification (SHELF POWER SUPPLY WARNING) WARNING" email alerts from  Not sure how to stop this madness.  The PDU's were changed out but we've verified everything is plugged in and powered at the physical layer. Call home for SHELF POWER SUPPLY WARNING are constantly being reported in the cluster log.


I've looked at system health and environment status commands, no controllers or shelves report any PSU or voltage issues.


DataONTAP version: NetApp Release 8.3.1: Mon Aug 31 12:42:08 UTC 2015





It's best to open a technical case with NetApp Support and have the suport engineer help you track down the source of the fault.


It's tough to diagnose this without looking at the EMS event logs (you can see the latest events with "event show") and/or the shelf logs.