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Myasup performance data missing for many customers


What could be the reason that we are missing performance data from many many controllers for the last weeks, I have a lot of customers where both CMPG and myasup have no data for performance for the last weeks. Couple of months back it was just a few but now it is many customers for whom I cannot get any information. It seems the NetApp DB is not receiving them.



Hello folks, i too have this problem.

I launched the command "options autosupport.performance_data.doit" in the controllers a week ago, but still dont see the data on MYASUP.

PS: The autosupport emails, works well.

Anyone have any solution for this?

Very thanks!


Hi Fabricio,

Can I request you log an incident using the links provided at the bottom of this page?

When you log the incident, please mention the system details so that our Support Team can investigate and respond.




Hello Sudip,

When i enter in this link:

Provided by the page you mentioned above, he enter in a loop state.


Assuming you're running 8.1+ Data ONTAP, you can check to see if the ASUP was successfully with the "autosupport history show -instance" command.   This will at least tell you if the first leg of the transmission worked.  If it did, you should proceed with the My AutoSupport ticket.  If it didn't, then you can open a technical case with NetApp Support to help you diagnose the transmission failure.

For more info, read this AutoSupport troubleshooting workflow KB:


We have the same problem here. On most filers we dont see any myasup data. Asup e-mails are sent and working (for replacements i.e.).


If possible, examine EMS event logs and messages files for any problems with the storage controller's collection and transmission of the Performance Data AutoSupport message. If there are problems, open a technical case with NetApp Support and be ready to provide the info from the logs, as well as the notifyd.log file (for 8.0 systems) in the /etc/log/mlog (7-Mode) or /mroot/etc/log/mlog (Cluster-Mode) directory.

If there's nothing amiss at the storage controller end, then file a support site ticket about My AutoSupport missing performance data for your specific systems at



recently i have to face same problem with my customer.

reason:the .GZ file will more than 10MB then it will not sent the file to autosupport.thats why we couldn't get the last week performance data in autosupport.

solution: in this cases  we have to do sent the .GZ file manuvally to the using the command

"options autosupport.performance_data.doit daily"


Yes. See KB 2016549 for more information.


I launched the command "options autosupport.performance_data.doit" in the controllers a week ago, but still dont see the data on MYASUP.

PS: The autosupport emails, works well.

Any idea of a solution for this?

Very thanks!

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