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NetApp hardware part number check


Hi there,

Recently we have scheduled to replace NetApp FAS3240 motherboard and FC Target port HBA. Netapp sent motherboard and unfortunately sent FC inititator HBA instead of Target port adapter.

So, In future if any hardware replacement scheduled means i have to check the part number myself. How do i check the part number in NetApp site? do we have latest NetApp hardware universe sheet now?



Target and initiator HBA cards should be the same part - whether ONTAP sees them as target or initiator is a software config change via fcadmin config.  The man page says "not all adapters are configurable by this utility" - maybe you've got one of these?



No. target and initiator PCI cards are two different cards with two different part numbers. It is impossible to reconfigure them in the field. Do not confuse with on-board adapters.

The only exception that comes to my mind is mezzanine on 2240.


Thanks for the reply. I just want to know, how can we retain the old WWPN after FCP Target HBA replacement. If we can retain old WWPN, no need to update the zoning in SAN switch end

I think, if you take a look at an 'old' autosupport, you'll find it in the sysconfig.



My question is when we replace the target HBA,  WWPN will change. After replacement can we set the old WWPN manually?

OK, you mean this?

fcp portname set adapter wwpn

Assigns a new WWPN to an adapter. You must offline and then online the adpter using the fcp config command before and after changing its WWPN. The WWPN must be one of the valid and unused WWPNs displayed by the fcp portname show -v command. The original WWPN of this adapter is reset to be unused. This command only applies to local Fibre Channel target adapters in standby or single_image cfmode.



For target HBA WWPNs are assigned based on slot position so if you replace it in the same slot it should retain WWPN. But of course you should always double check it after replacement ☺



It is not related to this discussion. but this one flashes into my mind when i saw this thread.

Why we need a wwnn , even when we have a unique wwpn ?