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New Release of My AutoSupport now Available !


See attached for Release Notes and FAQs.





Thanks for the information.

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Really liking the new interface. I do have a request, though. I often want to open multiple controller pages at a time. The right-click/open in new tab/new window option is no longer there on the HA partner link. Any way we could get that feature added?


Thanks for the feedback.


I think we know what you are asking for about the partner link and it should be easy to incorporate the right click and open in a new window.


For our confirmation, would you please email us a screenshot of the page where you are looking for this highlighting the place where you need this? Just want to make sure we provide this functionality in the place you need it.


You can email it to


Thanks again,




I'm sorry but I just dont feel this New Autosupport site is very well done.  The dashboard seems ok from a visual standpoint, however I do not use it much.


As a VAR/engineer I spend the majority of my time combing through autosupports ( and this is what area my comments are directed towards)  and from what I expereienced so far it has been quite a few step backwards from the current UI in terms of navigation/usability. To be completely honest, it's almost frustrating to use.


Is this more or less what the final design will look like? Or is this still a major work in progress?


I'm also curious as to how Netapp feels about the state of the autosupport section and why they feel its an improvement over the old one.



Here are some things I feel that could be improved.


* Font is too big, Before you could see 30+ systems listed on the screen at once, now I see 6 at most. This goes for all other views of information as well.


* You need to scroll down to the bottom of a long list just to be able to scroll over to the right, then scroll all the way back up to the top to see the field you were interested in.


* Having touble using the arrow keys or page up and page down to scroll up and down the page, particularly on the sysconfig -a listing as an example. Page up and page down moves the screen maybe 2-3 pixels and thats it. Perhaps this is just a browswer issue, have not tested on browsers other than Firefox.


* Mousewheel seems to not scroll until after a few revolutions where the page finall catches on. Again, could be browser issue.


*  Used to be able to right click and open in new window. Very useful when I need to open autosupports on 4+ different systems and have the all open at once.


* Fields like Site name/Shipment date for exmple, are broken mid word and carrige returned to the next line down. Should be ideally one one line, perhaps 2 at the most.


* Column headers look like they resizable (Mouse changes to resize icon on hover) however they are not.


* Top Sections/ All sections in the autosupport listing scrolls along with the page, so if I'm down at the bottom of the sysconfig -a listing you have to scroll all the way back up to the top to go to another section. Did not work like this in the old view.


* Text is slightly cut off on the Top Sections/ All sections


* Ideally multiple nested scrollbar'd sections is a bad idea.


* Some information is XML format, other stuff is not. All information should be in one format or the other. Or both ideally. ( Not really an issue with the changes to the UI, but something that I feel has been an issue for a long time.)


* Column order on some listings are not in an order where the most relevant/common/desired information is listed first. A good example of this would be the list of vServers, the actual vserver name is like the 12th column over on the list, an you have to scroll all the way down, then scroll over and then back up.


* Column headers should stay in fixed position at the top when scrolling.


Granted I am sure this list could be expanded, but I think these things would be a good start and go a long way in improving the usability of the tool.


Hope you take the feedback into consideration.







since the update i'm not able to open a single cutomer. When i log on to, i get the CSS dashboard and put in a sutomer name. The statistics change into those of the customer but when i click on them i get briefly a vlack sreen with a coulerd rond thing loading and after 1 sec i get a white screen an nothing more. I never had any problems with the "old" version of support, but since this Active IQ is brought into play it does not function at all (give people the option to look at it the old way). Now thanks to NetApp i can't service customers anymore .... great job (NOT). I have removed browsers and installed them cleanly, installed the latest java (why the **&^&* not HTML5 instread of crappy java). And still nothing with IE and Firefox




Our sincere apologies for your inconvenience.


Can you please email me your contact details at ?


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