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I was trying to load Premium AutoSupport, but when i go to that page, it sits there trying to load the page, but it only loads a couple of images and nothing seems to happen. Then the only way close internet explorer is to end task it.

Anyone used it or had the same issues??


Re: Premium AutoSupport


Hello Richard!

As an avid fan of using the Premium Autosupport feature myself, I understand your strife

I happen to use its functions on a number of computers and browsers (Including Firefox, IE6, IE7 and IE8)

However, out of all of those versions - the common element is that it happens to use Java

If I'm going to encounter problems most times - causing me to close my browser from things not loading - It is typically Java.

Which particular version (latest? MS or JRE version?) of Java do you happen to be using?

I'm working fine with Version 6 Update 7 (Which has been reported to have issues with some applications elsewhere, but I'm experiencing no issues here)

Let me know, hopefully a simple update of Java may be able to resolve your issues

Thanks for your question Richard,


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