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Reboot (panic) Warning.... Why???


Hi everybody,

I have a problem with an old FAS270 DOT7.3.5.1P4, few days ago I've received 4 notifications with the subject "Reboot (panic) warning". Watching the syslog, I see:

Panic String: Page fault accessing addr 0x0000000000000028 from pc 0xffffffff80a384e0 in process wafl_lopri on release NetApp Release

The filer has 2 disk shelves installed connected in cascade  through the modules ESH B (modules ESH A are missing)

Do you know why It happens?




Have you any other messages ?

Have you receive any Autossupport ?

It's a Cluster CFO FAS270 ?

Hi Cedric,

There are a lot of messages, but none of them about this problem. I've received the Autossupport every time that the FAS270 has rebooted and no, it's not a cluster, just one filer. If you want, I could send you the Autossuport mail.

Thank you


Searching the support site and searching the "panic message analyzer" did not reveal any useful informations.

I'd recommend to contact NetApp Support directly.


did you run diagnostics on the hardware? if not try it you may have some hardware problem.

if the tests pass and don't show any failures, tr reseating the FRUs on the motherboard.


also try to share a copy of autosupport, would be helpful to find related bugs.