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Refresh My Autosupport


Is there a way to refresh the configuration after you mitigate a risk?  Do I need to initiate an AutoSupport from the filer?


Re: Refresh My Autosupport


I was able to resolve this by "tricking" the My AutoSupport update.  I sent a "Weekly Log" update using the following command.

options autosupport.doit WEEKLY_LOG

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Re: Refresh My Autosupport


This will still send autosupport alerts to .to and .noteto recipients.

Wish there was a way to simulate the weekly NetApp-only autosupport, and nothing more.

Re: Refresh My Autosupport


Well, if you're running 8.0 or 8.1 Data ONTAP, you can temporarily disable the ASUP message for  USER_TRIGGERED to your .to and .noteto recipients.

Invoke your fake USER_TRIGGERED (WEEKLY_LOG). Then reinstate your .to and .noteto destinations.

For 8.0 instructions, see KB: 1913810

In 8.1, use the "autosupport trigger modify" command for the "invoke.all" event.

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