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Replacing a failed disk - spare

I had a disk fail in my NetApp 8.2.2 cluster, the hot spare took over, now i am trying to replace this drive and mark it as a spare.  I purchased the same brand, size and speed drive and switched out the failed drive... it is now showing up as TMINACL1-01:0b.00.8   broken init failed present - -
Usable Physical
Disk Outage Reason HA Shelf Bay Chan Pool Type RPM Size Size
--------------- ------------- ------------ ---- ------ ----- ------ -------- --------
init failed 0b 0 8 A NONE BSAS 7200 -

Thank you, SPF



Re: Replacing a failed disk - spare


Hello SPF,


Did you attempt to reseat the disk by keeping out atleast 60 sec? Also, is the shelf and DQP fw up-to date?




Re: Replacing a failed disk - spare

ok.. i pulled the drive and waited for over 60 seconds.  Now i am seeing this ... so i think this is good news


TMINACL1-01:0b.00.8 - 0 8 unassigned present - -


not sure how to check the fw levels but i am sure it is not up to date.

Re: Replacing a failed disk - spare

Firmware revisions on disk can be seen from sysconfig -a output.


From a cluster system, you can issue the following.


::>node run -node {node name} sysconfig -a

Re: Replacing a failed disk - spare


I am glad, the reseat worked.

Assuming its a CDOT, here are the commands.


> node run -node <nodename> -command rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3


> node run -node <nodename> -command sysconfig -a   or sysconfig -v


If the are not upto-date, then follow download the latest FW and update.











Re: Replacing a failed disk - spare

You appear to have purchased a non-NetApp disk drive. ONTAP will not use it.

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Re: Replacing a failed disk - spare

Really?  I would need to purchase a Netapp disk?  the one i purchased is the same brand, size and speed.

i have found the following procedure online .... does this look correct

priv set advanced
disk unfail -s <disk_name>
Repeat above steps for all disks that have failed

Reassign the disks to the storage node


Check disks are added as spares

aggr status -s
All disks should show as spares

disk zero spares

Re: Replacing a failed disk - spare

The firmware and disk labels installed on the drive are a custom NetApp version.  You would not have this on an "off the shelf" drive.

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