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SNMP Trap descriptions and response action

Hi there, i am in need of a document that potentially someone has put together already, i cannot find anything that helps me on the netapp many sites. so here is what i am looking for.

I am looking for a document that is describing each built in snmp trap that is built into data ontap (i know this available) the tricky bit i need is the response action for each trap and any correlation infomation on each trap.

we all know that 9 times out of 10 an autosupport is going to be generated, sit tight a netapp support guy will give you a call and either fix your problem remotely or send out a new shiny peice of kit that then needs to be fitted into the system.

Hopefully someone can help me.



SNMP Trap descriptions and response action

The traps are documented in the NetApp MIB file. You can find them all here:

Each trap has a DESCRIPTION field that usually provides good information concerning the trap.

SNMP Trap descriptions and response action

Yes the description is helpful in the way it shows you what the spurious trap name is, but it doesnt give a response action to what a support team needs to do, what i was after was something that did that first line response, but generally i doubt anyone has had to do this. The first port of call here should be too call Netapp support if the snmp trap has a business impact on operations.