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Shelf firmware upgrade



I need to upgrade a shelf firmware. Based on what I read in the doc (, I copied the appropriate files in /etc/shelf_fw and in /etc/acpp_fw. Since I have an IOM3 firmware to upgrade, I understood that simply copy and paste the files at the right place should trigger the upgrade and it should be non disruptive. It's been several days and nothing. It still seems to be in the same version.

sysconfig -v still gives this :

           Shelf   0: IOM3  Firmware rev. IOM3 A: 0132 IOM3 B: 0132
            Shelf   1: IOM3  Firmware rev. IOM3 A: 0132 IOM3 B: 0132
            Shelf   2: IOM3  Firmware rev. IOM3 A: 0131 IOM3 B: 0131
            Shelf   3: IOM3  Firmware rev. IOM3 A: 0132 IOM3 B: 0132

As you can see shelf 2 is in version 131 instead of 132. What did I do wrong or what did I not understand ?




Did you try to start update manually?


No. Like I said I only copy pasted the appropriate files in /etc/shelf_fw and in /etc/acpp_fw.

I forgot to mention that I'm running data ontap 8.1.

From the link I gave above : "For Data ONTAP 7.3.2 or later including 8.0 and 8.1 the ACP firmware is automatically updated, go to step 6 for verification."

So I thought I should not start the update manually....

If it turns out I need to start the update manually, how do I do so ? Will it be non disruptive ? My filer is in HA mode, does that make any difference ?


But your output shows IOM firmware, not ACP firmware. May be ACP firmware was indeed updated, we do not know. Or maybe it did not need update.

Detailed instructions are on the link you gave above … “storage download shelf” in advanced mode.


I'm lost here... I dont know what IOM or ACP are. All I know is that my autosupport tells me this : "Shelf Modules with out-of-date firmware. This storage controller has out-of-date firmware on the following types : IOM3"

So I followed the procedure and copy pasted the files.

The command "storage download shelf" is for data on tap prior to 7.3.2 which is not my case.

Old post but was wondering if you ever issued 'acpadmin list_all' to determine acp version...   Protocol version is what you're looking for ( is the most recent as of today).

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