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What is the CPU utilization?


What is the CPU utilization number derived from?  Is it the average CPU utilization over all the CPUs over the sample time?  Or, what is reported from a lot of our management tools (e.g. sysstat -x 1) that being CPU ANY?




Re: What is the CPU utilization?


Where are you looking?  My guess is that it will be the CPU ANY number, though that's hardly a good measure.

Re: What is the CPU utilization?


I'm looking at the Performance Details page you get after clicking on "See Detail" from the Performance box on the Dashboard page.

I appreciate your response, but what I am looking for is a definitive answer (i.e. not a guess), since as you noted, if it is the CPU ANY number it is not very useful, and in my opinion, can be VERY misleading, so I need to know for sure what that number represents.

Re: What is the CPU utilization?


It is the CPU ANY counter. As you mentioned it is not useful and VERY misleading.

Unfortunately NetApp still persist with the legacy counter that was only ever useful in pre-multithreading era.

If you want to know how your system is performing either graph all CPU cores (via SNMP) or only pay attention to the CPU AVG counter in the "sysstat -m 1" command.

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