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Error in AutoSupport site

When I look at my autosupport site, I see some stuff I would like to clear out, for example

it is reporting on 3 of our NetAPP that the power supply has failed. Which is a pretty panic item.

so drive out to the data center no power supplies show to be out, have other people look,

check the SysMgr, no issues nothing in any logs.

so is there a way to clear false positives out?

Thank you


Re: Error in AutoSupport site

There is a number of these false positives (many of them relating to faulty  PSU) across multiple systems I have access to.

So it's a wider (& annoying) issue NetApp should address.

Re: Error in AutoSupport site

We apologize for the inconvenience of the false positives.  We have identified all the issues and working to implement the fixes ASAP. 

Re: Error in AutoSupport site

I also have this problem on a 3270 and 3240.  I am unable to clear the error in AutoSupport.

Re: Error in AutoSupport site

We are also seeing that shelf is operating with one power supply but this was a old message about 2months ago as the system was being installed we was testing system

Re: Error in AutoSupport site

Hello Menesh, we have resolved the chassis power supply issue.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Re: Error in AutoSupport site

Hello Michael,

i'm still seeing these "false positive" errors in "MyAutosupport" of my customers.

Are you sure the problem has been resolved?


Re: Error in AutoSupport site

The errors are gone but under configuration still shows RISK eg 2

Re: Error in AutoSupport site

Hello Henrik,

The fix is scheduled to be deployed by the end of this week, please refresh your view after this weekend.

Thank you for your patience.

~ Mike

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