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Too much information


Hello everybody,

First of all I have to say that I'm not a Netapp expert as you will see.

After some time without receivng the autosupport, with the help of NetApp support we solved that problem.

Now I receive daily one mail with performance data and one mail fron each storage. Each mail contains about 20 files. Some of them compressed and some plain text files.


Too much information. Also I supose ver complete information. But I can't analyze daily those files.

The problem that I have is that I'm not an expert.

In our IT Dept we are two people and we receive similar information from other resources: Backup copies results, VmWare chenges of status, and so on.

When we receive those mails we only check if in the boy of the e-mail some error is metioned.

I wonder if NetApp (our storages) is capable to send me an e-mail only with relevant error messages.


Please undestand me. All this information is very useful to solve problems and know the storage status, but is too much information if I need only to notice that "there is a problem".


Excuse me for this "simple" problem and my poor English.


Thank you all.




I suppose what you receive is PERFORMANCE DATA and MANAGEMENT_LOG. Adding to them, you receive WEEKLY_LOG every Sunday midnight.
In general, you don't have to check these periodic AutoSupport as your daily management task. When Data ONTAP detect faulty event, it issues AutoSupport with sufficient subject. Pay attention for event-based AutoSupoort rather than weekly and daily ones.


Hi Daniel,


What you need to do is divert your autosupport to Netapp ASUP DataWare House instead of your email id . Any support can help setting up filer configuration for the same.



For getting notified for failure messages , you can use "myautosupport" tool. it is available for any one who has purchased storage system from Netapp


The flow is

1.  Login to

2. Search for System by Serial Number, System id, Host Name

3. Select Notification 

4. Select appropriate error messages for which you need asup

     For errors refer below sections : "Section:Error Messages"

5. Enter email id and submit