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Unified manager in parallel use




I've a question about the Unified Manager.

Can I use seveal instances of Unified Manager for a single cDOT-cluster?
E.g. one in version 9.4 and one in version 9.6?


The background of this question is, I'd like to test the new version if it is working fine.

If it's working fine, I would update the old one to 9.6.


Doing a snapshot of the existing one and perform the update is no option at the moment.

That' why I'd like to have them in parallel.


So do you know if this is possible and supported?



Best regards



Re: Unified manager in parallel use




Yes why not. I don't know about the supportability, but very rarely we raise a ticket for OCUM issues. It's something you can rebuild quickly so that shouldn't be a concern.


We had OCUM 7.3 (end-of-life) running for long, and then we installed latest 9.6 and for sometime we kept both running b'cos all the alerting were setup for the old and it was doing its job. Later we turned off alerting from 7.3 and activated alerting on 9.6 and powered-down that VM.



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