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Upgrade Advisor Fails for CDoT 9.0 filers

I've got two filers running CDoT 9.0. One is a FAS 2552, the other is an AFF 8040. NetApp is strongly recommending an upgrade to 9.0P1 due to some scary looking bugs regarding potential panics with changing a directory name in clients using SMB2.1. However, when I run Upgrade Advisor on either controller, it fails.


Is this an issue with CDoT 9.0 and upgrade advisor, as I was able to run it successfully on my filer running 8.3.2P2?

I've also noticed that Test ASUPs initiated from both of these CDoT 9.0 filers don't get automated resoponses, though it worked fine when it was running 8.3. Is anyone else having various ASUP issues with CDoT 9.0?


Re: Upgrade Advisor Fails for CDoT 9.0 filers



Can you please email the system serial #s you are trying to upgrade to so that we can look into this?