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VOL CLONE space consume


Can any one tell if we create vol clone with snapshot so it will create the another. The question is that it consume separate aggr space of parent volume space

  • vol clone create nfs_s1_a5_coloora12db1_u02_002 -s none -b nfs_s1_a5_coloora12db1_u02 r12UAT_DBF   --------à


Once you clone the volume from a particular snapshot that snapshot will locked and will list as (busy,vclone)  .

Clone volume will not consume any  space till it's not splitted from the original volume .It will take space from the same aggregate once its splitted  .

Thanks for your prompt response.

That mean colned volume will consumed only space from parent volume till it was not split it.

Please correct me if  i am wrong.



You are right.

Below mentioned link will provide you every possible details about NetApp clone.

Hope this helps and give you in depth knowledge.

Thanks , But question that cloned volume will consume the space from aggr or volume

Before split -will not take any space 

After split - will take from aggr  .

As i already told you that "you are right" means it will take space from volume untill you will split it.

and if you have gone through link provided by me. you must not ask this questions again

Thanks guys i have gone through link. But little confusion here so when we write the data on new cloned volume  then it will take the data from the parent volume or aggr.

parent volume..

Thanks. Can we move cloned volume or split volume  to other aggr . Can we restore the cloned volume snapstore restoration.

Nope, we cannot move cloned volume to other aggregate and yes if you have splitted clone volume then after split finishes, you have serveral ways to move it to other aggregates. You need to explain your next question "Can we restore the cloned volume snapstore restoration" in detail.