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autosupport.content difference between option minimal and complete



     We were enabling autosupport for our filers recently and security team wanted to keep the autosupport content option to minimal. I could see from the docs that the option minimal will omit sections and values that might be considered sensitive information and reduce the amount of information sent. Choosing minimal greatly affects the level of support you can receive from global support since we do not have all the configuration details available in autosupport.

Given below are the details of command outputs that autsupport sends.

  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) are suppressed in the AutoSupport.content Minimal format.
  • Items marked with two asterisks (**) are partially displayed in the AutoSupport.content Minimal format.

aggr status

aggr status -v


cf monitor all

cf rsrctbl

cf timers

cifs domaininfo *

cifs sessions*

cifs sessions -t -c

cifs shares*

cifs shares -t

cifs stat


df -A

df -i

df -r

disk show -u

disk shm_stats ata

dns info

ems event status**

ems log status*

environment status all

fcp config

fcp show adapter

fcp show adapter -v

fcp show initiator

fcp show initiator -v

fcp stats

fcp status -v

fcstat device_map

fcstat fcal_stats

fcstat link_stats



ic stats error -v

ic stats performance

ifconfig -a*

ifstat -a**

igroup show

iscsi config

iscsi show adapter

iscsi show   initiator

iscsi stats

iscsi status


lun config_check -s

lun show

lun show -v

lun stats -a -o

nbtstat -c *

netstat -s

nfsstat -c

nfsstat -d

nis info*


perf report -t

qtree status -i -v

raid_config info showfdr

snap list -n -A

snap reserve

snap reserve -A

snap sched

snapmirror destinations -s

snapmirror status -l

snapvault destinations

snapvault snap sched

snapvault status -c

snapvault status -l

snet status -v

storage show adapter -a

storage show disk -a

storage show fabric

storage show hub -a

storage show initiators -a

storage show port

storage show switch

sysconfig -a**

sysconfig -c

sysconfig -d

sysconfig -D

sysconfig -r

version -b

vfiler status -a

viadmin list -v

vif status*

vlan stat*

vol media_scrub status -v

vol scrub status -v

vol status

vol status -c

vol status -l*

vol status -v


vscan scanners *

vscan options

wafl catalog stats -lp

wafl swarmstats

  • Checksum status
  • Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory scrubber statistics
  • The following information if active/active configuration is licensed:**
  • Contents of the following /etc directory files
    • /etc/messages (to last WEEKLY_LOG event)**
    • /etc/log/ems files (to last WEEKLY_LOG event) (optional)**
    • /etc/serialnum file
    • /etc/rc file*
    • /etc/nsswitch.cong file*
    • /etc/exports file*
    • /etc/snapmirror.allow file (if the SnapMirror license is enabled)*
    • /etc/snapmirror.conf file (if the SnapMirror license is enabled)*
    • /etc/syslog.conf file*
    • /etc/hosts file*
  • Registry information
  • Usage information*
  • Service statistics
  • Boot time statistics*
  • NVLOG statistics*
  • WAFL check log
  • Modified configurations
  • X-header information
  • FlashCard information

Is there any way where we can set the autosupport.content option to complete and yet filter out only few of the details that the security team considers sensitive instead of not sending a whole bunch of data?

Thanks & regards,

Pravin Bas


Re: autosupport.content difference between option minimal and complete


I don't believe ASUP has this capability but maybe someone more knowledgeable than I am can confirm.

Re: autosupport.content difference between option minimal and complete


I can confirm that selective filtering of the complete AutoSupport is not a currently available feature. Note: AutoSupport will have enhancements in this area in future releases of Data ONTAP.


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Re: autosupport.content difference between option minimal and complete


Hi Andris,

Is this filtering feature available now in Ontap 8.0.1 ?

If not, do you have any indication when this feature will be available?



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