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Revert to 7.3.5 from ONTAP8


Hello team,

My customer needs Revert to 7.3.5 from ONTAP8.0.
NetApp supports  zip or tgz image file in OTNAP8, but the system image of ONTAP7.3.5 is offered in exe or tar files.

Is the system image file of exe or tar recognized by a revert_to command in ONTAP8?

Thanks and regards.


Takahiro katao



The NetApp "My Autosupport" Upgrade advisor gives the full steps for upgrade and revert.  It looks simple enough (Download 7.3.5 from now, copy files and use the download command) but I would get them to call support just to confirm there is nothing nasty waiting to suprise's them.  Especially if they have been running DoT 8 for a couple of days.

Hope it helps



Thank you for your prompt reply!

I was able to be downgraded by exe image file offered in ONTAP7.3.5.



Takahiro Katao


Excellent advice to contact NGS when performing an ONTAP reversion.  The Data ONTAP Upgrade Guide has an entire chapter devoted to all the features impacted by a reversion...but contains no procedural steps to perform a reversion.   A service partner recently ran into an unexpected issue with deduplicated volumes which require running the 'sis revert_to' command before running revert_to.  This is not mentioned in the Upgrade Guide (I'm filing a doc BURT to fix that) and the only information on 'sis revert_to' is in the 8.0.1 Command Reference/MAN pages.

Reversions are generally rare, but the new FAS3200 shipping with ONTAP 8 have required a lot more reversions.  The systems are now shipping with 7.3.5 as long as the Sales team requests that version.


If you do have a brand-new FAS32xx and need to revert it to 7.3.5, this KB article is useful:

NOTE: This procedure is intended ONLY for a newly installed system that is not  yet in production and contains no data. It is NOT intended for existing  systems that are in production.