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autosupport help (Unknown user)



When I run a options autosupport.doit test I get the following error message:

netapp*> Tue Dec 13 12:41:20 ARST []: Autosupport mail to failed (Unknown user) for message: USER_TRIGGERED (test)

Tue Dec 13 12:41:20 ARST []: Autosupport mail to failed (Unknown user) for message: USER_TRIGGERED (test)

Tue Dec 13 12:41:20 ARST [asup.smtp.sent:notice]: System Notification mail sent: System Notification from netapp (USER_TRIGGERED (test)) INFO

what could be causing such behavior from autosupport?

also, when I go to "" I see the Auto Support Status is "OFF" why is that? is it because it is not working or because RLM is not set up?




Hi Dan Boy,

know its long time since you asked the question ... but we just got the same issue...

for the "unknown user" check the mail transport server (all if you have many) for mail forwarding and/or check if any firewall port 25tcp used for the outbound mail.

The AutoSupportStatus OFF is because the filer can't send the asup to If the mailing would do, send a options autosupport.doit WEEKLY_LOG and give "" a bit of time to refresh.

good luck



My guess is that this is Data ONTAP 7G (releases 7.x and earlier). If so the "User Unknown" is reported in a variety of situations, one of them being when a SMTP RCPT TO: command is sent to a mail server and a 55x code is returned. There can be others.

I suggest using an IP address instead of a hostname for autosupport.mailhost and to use "telnet" to that IP address using port 25 to verify whether the mail server will take the specified mail addresses. The sequence would be something like

   telnet xxxx 25

   HELO myhostname

   MAIL FROM:<Postmaster>

   RCPT TO:<>

Any 4xx or 5xx is an error and means the SMTP server is rejecting it.

Domain Name Serrvice (DNS) and other host directory services can map differently depending on a host's configuration. This is why I suggested using an IP address.

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