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autosupport via bluecoat proxy


I am trying to convert sending weekly autosupport via SMTP to HTTPS. Using HTTPS will be via our autheuicated proxy (BlueCoat) - type Basic.

I have tried


2.) https

The proxy didn't received the username/password and reject the connection. Anyone have experience with autosupport via proxy?



Re: autosupport via bluecoat proxy


Re: autosupport via bluecoat proxy

Hmm....can you allow certain IP #'s through the proxy without authentication?

Re: autosupport via bluecoat proxy

It seems that the autosupport proxy isn't working very reliably in 7.X.  I understand this may be fixed in 8.0, but don't have personal knowledge from having tried it myself.

Is it possible to allow un-authenticated access through the proxy to the specific NetApp support site?


Re: autosupport via bluecoat proxy

I am trying to avoid proxy bypass, due to security reasons.

Re: autosupport via bluecoat proxy

I have also tried to use popular CCProxy (authentication via username/password), same result (i.e not working)

Trying to avoid proxy bypass.

I have open a case on, 1.5 months gone and still no resolution.

Re: autosupport via bluecoat proxy

I'm sorry to hear you haven't gotten a case resolution.

My understanding is that the proxy feature is not working properly in 7.X.  It might be fixed in 8.0.

Meantime, it seems the recommended solution is to bypass the proxy.


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