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Autosupport.noteto message

Recently, the customer is complaining to many and too large the autosupport files received every week. So, I disable the and only enable the autosupport.noteto options in last week which they should only received a short message. However, the customer said they that cannot received any emails for the filers anymore. Even they do a autosupport test, they still cannot receive the email. Is this true for autosupport.noteto?

Also, I searched in the NOW site and found that only 'urgent events' will be sent out for the '' options. So, what are the 'urgent events'? Is there a list of 'urgent events'?

The ONTAP version of the filers are 7.2.2, 7.2.4L1 and




Re: Autosupport.noteto message

Hi Terrence,

Not exactly a list but describes a few events that will trigger the asup.

Re: Autosupport.noteto message

In recent versions of ONTAP, AutoSupport alerts NetApp to all events and the and noteto receipients only on critical and error status.  See which explains how this works for different versions of ONTAP.  The AutoSupport message matrices ( will tell you what events are classed as critical or error for each version of ONTAP.

Re: Autosupport.noteto message


Thanks for the info. Actually I have already checked this out. However, my question is; there are different terms which in here is "urgent event". This is confusing that whether the "urgent event" reference to the "critical" alert or including the "error" and "warning" alerts?


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Re: Autosupport.noteto message

Yes, it is confusing. I don't have a concrete answer but I took 'urgent' to mean error or critical.


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