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change autosupport payload format to tgz

Hi All,

I need to change the asup payload format to tgz but can't see the options available in CDOT 8.2.2RC2

This is the command used and it's the same listed in the tech doc.


*> system node autosupport modify -node local -payload-format tgz

Error: invalid argument "-payload-format"

The is the tech doc.

AutoSupport has a new diagnostic level configuration setting that allows the user to change the payload format. The available options are either 7z or tgz:

  • Clustered ONTAP

filer::> system node autosupport*> modify -node local -payload-format 7z  
filer::> system node autosupport*> show -node local -fields payload-format

Any suggestions?


Re: change autosupport payload format to tgz

Able to change payload format in diag mode.