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NetApp Object Storage Customer References


New StorageGRID Object Based Storage Customer Reference Assets

1.  DARZ provides an innovative approach for supporting long-term data archiving, backup, and global access with StorageGRID Webscale.  As one of the first to offer secure multicloud sourcing with NetApp Private Storage as a service, German IT provider DARZ is at the forefront in making hybrid cloud the new normal for customers and partners.


Supported by NetApp’s Data Fabric vision, DARZ continues to build out its portfolio of elastic, customizable, next-generation hybrid cloud services. Its newest offering, built on StorageGRID Webscale object based storage, goes where traditional storage architectures cannot easily follow, providing a massively scalable, globally managed, and robust object storage solution for long-term data archives.

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2.  StorageGRID Webscale enables Advanced UniByte to optimize the storage of rapidly growing volumes of unstructured data.  AU offers customers comprehensive IT solutions in the critical areas of high-availability and data protection. Data is the heart of the company and if it becomes unavailable – the entire company comes to a standstill.

With NetApp solutions, Advanced UniByte is now able to offer their customers a completely new cloud solution. It enables fast and reliable recovery of important customer data in just a few minutes and leaves AU well positioned for future growth.

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