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7mode - collect autosupport log files


hello all,

we have a 7mode storage device [version: NetApp Release 8.2.5], it has a failed disk and we need to collect the logs manually (the autosupport log files) so we can upload the files to the disk vendor, appreciate your support please...


Re: 7mode - collect autosupport log files


Re: 7mode - collect autosupport log files




KB shared by SpindleNinja should do.


However I see that you mentioned failed disk, I guess all they need is a disk model number isn't it ? 


For failed disk, you can get all the details from command line and pass on to your supplier: Do you have access to filer ?

To see broken disks: (You get disk, shelf, bay info)
filer> vol status -f


To see the disk model number you can do:
filer> > storage show disk 1b.xx

To see errors being reported for failed disk:
filer> rdfile /etc/messages


However, if you still need to send them autpsupport, follow the steps mentioned in the KB shared.

Step 1:
Generate new AutoSupport messages on both the Primary & HA Partner Filer:
7-mode> options autosupport.doit now


Step 2:
a) If CIFS or NFS is licensed, connect to the file share of the root volume on the storage system.
b) Navigate to the /vol/vol0/etc/log/autosupport directory and review the files by data and time. The file output of the files will be in date and time format.


For each AutoSupport message on the system, there will be one file and one folder with the same name as the file. For example:
File in /etc/log/autosupport:


For a complete AutoSupport, collect the file and the folder.


Copy the files to local volume and zip them.


Either upload to their portal or email them.

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