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Breaking Mirror Relationship


I"m running ONTPA 9.3. I'm trying to break a mirror relationship but the option fro within the GUI is greyed out.


Following the link below it say you must quiesce the relationship first, then you can break. My question is, how long can that quiesce really take? It has been saying the relationship is quiesced for about 6 hours and I really need to break this relationship so I can make a clone of this snapvault (target) volume that has an older snapshot I need to grab.


Could this quiesce really take all night? I just need to break the relationship, seems a little difficult to just do that. 


The replaction is sitting at idle currently and healthy status.


Re: Breaking Mirror Relationship


Quiesced relationship means that this relationship is not going to be updated automatically by schedule until relationship is resumed.

Re: Breaking Mirror Relationship


What's the status of the relationship?

Have you tried from the CLI? If so, what error did it give when you attempted to break the SM?



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