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7mode to Cdot migration


Hi everyone, 

We need to migrate data on volumes that belongs to a 7mode storage device (8.2) to a Cdot storage device (9.3) so can someone please mention the appropriate procedure for this and any helpful links? 


Re: 7mode to Cdot migration



Best tool is : NetApp 7-Mode Transition Tool 3.3.1 Copy-Based (7MTT), it supports Souce Storage OS : 8.2 and Destination Storage OS 9.3. So, it fits your requirement.


Regarding the steps, there is plenty of notes around this on our community forum, probably too much of information already discussed. So, I would suggest just search it on our forum or simply google it.


However, when you download the tool, you can also download all the necessary documentation, such as :

Product Documentation
a)Installation and Setup Guide
b)Copy-Based Transition Guide
c)SAN Host Transition and Remediation Guide
d)Release Notes


Some documents for reference purpose:

How To Move From 7-Mode To Clustered Data ONTAP:


Data and configuration migration process:


Preparing for copy-based transition:

Troubleshooting Workflow: 7MTT - Connectivity or Reachability problems (7-Mode Storage System):


This is good enough to get you started. Inumerable customers have used this tool for migration purposes and it works great, just that some planing is needed from your end. Of course, it goes without saying that you must do all the Interoperability checks on all the components that will be connecting to your 9.3 ONTAP, so that there are no surprises or dissappointments!


Good luck!



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