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ontap 9.4 NTP synchronization issue


I have FAS 8200 dual controller storage ,when After add ntp ,storage is not synchronizing with NTP server

Error is server is not responding or Too distant


Re: ontap 9.4 NTP synchronization issue


Basic checks : You may have already done this.


I think that's your NTP Server IP: ? = It says Reachable, that means controller can talk to it, but it's not syncing. Could you verify once the time skew between controller and NTP server ?


Sometimes, it takes time for NTP to sync. As long as the offset is decreasing = It's a good sign. If it's not or increasing that means something is fishy.


::> date [Ensure the controller's time is within 2 minutes of the time servers' time ?]
::> date -u

::> firewall policy show -policy mgmt [check for ntp entry]

::> network interface show -firewall-policy mgmt

::> network ping -node node-01 -destination
::> network ping -lif-owner node1 -lif mgmt1 -destination
::> network ping -lif-owner node2 -lif mgmt1 -destination


There is plenty of commands to verify, hence please take a look at this KB, it's easy to follow commands.

How to configure and troubleshoot NTP on clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 and later using CLI



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